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Rota MXR-F White / Polished Lip

Rota MXR-F 18" Wheel 5x100 / 5x114.3 / 5x112


Regular price $299.75 Sale

ROTA MXR-F is a mesh design that brings back the stylish yet euro VIP feel to suit all vehicle types. The polish lip accentuates the mesh spokes and definitely stands out with different color centres.

18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x114.3 White/Polished Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x114.3 Hyper Black/ Polished Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x114.3 Gloss Black/Polished Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x114.3 Matt Black $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x112 White/Polished Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x112 Gold/Polished Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x112 Hyper Black / Polished Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +44 5x100/5x112 Matt Black $299.75 ea

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