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Rota RT5-F Matt Black
Rota RT5-F Hyper Black
Rota RT5-F Silver Polish
Rota RT5-F Gloss Black / Polished Lip

Rota RT5-F 18" Wheel 5x114.3 / 5x100


Regular price $299.75 Sale

RT5-F is a new design for 2013. A simple 5 spoke design that will be forever be popular among all enthusiast. Not only does it offer simplicity, RT5-F also accommodates for those wanting some dish in their wheels.

18x8.5 +42 5x114.3 Matt Black $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +42 5x114.3 Hyper Black $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +42 5x114.3 Gloss Black/Polish Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +28 5x114.3 Matt Black $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +28 5x114.3 Hyper Black $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +28 5x114.3 White $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +42 5x100 Matt Black $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +42 5x100 Hyper Black $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +42 5x100 Gloss Black/Polish Lip $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +42 5x100 Plain Gold $299.75 ea
18x8.5 +42 5x100 White $299.75 ea

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